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Joanna Briggs Institute
The Joanna Briggs Institure offers a braod range of evidence based resourceds to its members, with many fo these available through our online resources, particularly JBI-COnNECT (Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics). Included in JBI-COnNECT is the JBI database of evidence summaries and recommended practices. Content development is based on standardised methods described in the JBI Handbook for Evidence Review. This content is updated annually.
JBI is seeking expressions of interest to update and review content within JBI-COnNECT. Reviewers will be remunerated for their work. For more information, please visit the reviewer's page on the JBI website at or contact the manager of Evidence Review, Zachary Munn at Zachary [dot] Munn [at] adealide [dot] edu [dot] au.


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 Early Communication Intervention with babies in KMC  A programme to be used with mothers and their preterm infants in Kangaroo Care.



Nutrition of the Premature & Low Birth Weight Infant The aim of this guideline is to provide an evidence based nutrition management resource tool. 
Flow diagram for the eternal feeding of the ELBW & VLBW Premature Infant  
Contents & Main Issues on Infant Foodstuffs Brief summary on the proposed Regulation Relating to Foodstuffs for Infants & Young Children



Fenton Growth Chart  Fetal-Infant growth chart for preterm infants



Continuning Education Program on SIDS Risk Reduction for nurses dissemination & outreach plan  NICHD (National Institute of Child Health & Human Development) has worked over the past 4 years to develop the Continuing Educational Program on SIDS Risk Reduction.
Continuing Education Program on SIDS Risk Reduction The Continuing Education Program on SIDS Risk Reduction: Carriculum for nurses is designed to inform pediatric, obstetric & neonatal nurses - as well as all nurses who educate family members & caregivers about caring for infants - of the latest risk-reduction strategies for SIDS.



Infant Hearing Loss Risks of Infant Hearing Loss